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Today: Jun 15, 2024

What To Do If Your PC Lags Too Much

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1. The first common reason for the computer to seriously lag is that there can be more than one antivirus software installed at the same time. If there’s more than one antivirus operating simultaneously, not only does it take up a lot of memory on your computer – sometimes there can even be conflicts, which can cause the computer to run very slowly or get stuck.

Suggestion regarding this issue: if you need to install more than one antivirus software, it is recommended that only one of them is monitoring the device in real time. Others must be closed, or the computer will get closer to an unfortunate and unwanted demise. However, it is recommended to install only one antivirus software that suits your computer and habits.

2. Second common reason is not getting your software in proper order often enough, leaving the disk space filled with unimportant garbage. You can even end up having not enough free disk space. 

Suggestion regarding this issue:

  • One way to reduce the load on your device is to uninstall all applications that you are not using. Go to the Control Panel on your computer and look for ‘Programs and Features’ (Windows) or ‘Applications’ (Mac). Select the applications you want to uninstall and follow the instructions to complete the process. If your computer keeps freezing while using a particular program, it may be time to uninstall it and look for an alternative.
  • Cache and temporary files tend to accumulate and eat up valuable space on your computer. As with unused applications, deleting these files can improve the speed of your device and reduce the likelihood that your computer screen will freeze. This step is especially important when your device shuts down after Internet pages freeze or go unresponsive.

3. One more possible cause is vents being blocked by dust, and running large memory-eating games or software, resulting in high computer temperatures, CPU overload.

Suggestions regarding this issue: 

  • You can install some suitable temperature detection software, and set a proper temperature alarm. 
  • Regularly clean the dust from the computer vents, so that the fans run well, while the PC/laptop of yours enjoys due cooling. 
  • Also, buy a good radiator, so that the device gets even more protected from overheating and getting stuck. Especially in the summer, if there is no radiator, a ton of dust, and then you decide to run some demanding games, the general temperature of the computer will get close to 80-90 degrees.

4. The fourth – and quite probable – cause is: not cleaning up the disk. Without it the space gets filled quite quickly, actually. Files on a disk can be like stones on a flat road, significantly reducing the speed of the hard disk, resulting in the computer running slower. There will be consequences, especially when you open too many programs, some of them will produce leftover files, taking a lot of disk space. It is easy to cause the computer to crash that way. The registry cleanup can be done using appropriate software.


Suggestions regarding this issue:

  • To clean the drive of a PC that runs on Windows, for example, use the taskbar search box – type ‘disk cleanup’ there, then select Disk Cleanup among the results; pick the exact drive you want to clean up; select which types of files to delete, and select ‘OK’. 
  • For defragmentation, use the search bar on the taskbar: type ‘defrag’ there; then pick ‘Defragment and Optimize Drives’ option and the disk that needs optimization; finally, just click ‘Optimize’.

Follow the process to clean up the disk and defragment it. This way you can organize the computer disk much better and optimize its running speed.

5. Another common stuttering and lagging reason is the problem of viruses.

Suggestions regarding this issue: download proven and powerful antivirus software, scan the entire computer, check and kill the infected elements. If the computer was filled with various viruses, after killing all the compromised files it may not be able to return to its initial state. The best option here is to reinstall the operating system. Now many computers have a one-click solution to restore the system, but before doing anything to the C disk you should backup all the important files, otherwise they will all be lost. If you do not understand how to get safe through this, it is best to go to the computer repair store. Computer repair in Brooklyn is of particular high quality due to the industry being represented by devoted high-level pros, but wherever you live – go to the specialists.

6. Your computer can open too many projects simultaneously. Multiple software used at the same time within a short period of time may not only lead to a very slow booting, but also to lags or even crashing.

Suggestions regarding this issue: press ‘Windows’ and ‘R’ keys simultaneously, type ‘msconfig’, press OK. In addition to additional antivirus software, any programs can be turned off if not needed immediately. When you turn on the computer, manually open and run those, if and when you need. If you don’t know what a program is for and if it is vital, you can google its name.


These tips are for situations when your PC is lagging severely or at least more than expected, rare lags are not necessarily a reason to panic. It is still recommended to clean the device you use regularly – both its vents and the unnecessary soft leftovers on its drive. 

And remember: install single antivirus software that suits both your computer and habits. If you really need to install more than one antivirus, it is recommended that you turn on the real-time monitoring function of only one of them. Others should be turned off, otherwise your computer may soon get in trouble. Follow this advice – and you’ll be able to use your device for much longer!

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